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The meaning of ar Rabb
Rabb – meaning khaaliq (Creator) and Sovereign Owner and the One who controls.

How to submit to Allaah’s Commands
Good manners with Allaah is that you receive His Legislative Judgements with contentment and submission.

Beasts of prey, vermin and the devils
Allaah’s creation of these evil/harmful things is not evil but pure.

Does use of ultrasound to determine gender negate Allaah’s knowledge of unseen?
Knowledge that is connected to the child, none knows it except Allaah.

Meaning of ma'iyyah
With regards to the ma’iyyah of Allaah (Allaah’s being “with” someone), it is divided into two types.

Allaah’s addressing the people
Regarding use of singular at times and plural at other times in Allaah’s addressing the people in the Qur’aan.

Was ‘Eesaa (عليه السلام) Allaah’s Word?
‘Eesaa (عليه السلام) was not the Word of Allaah because the Speech of Allaah is an Attribute existing with Him and not separate and distinct from Him.

Tamtheel and Tashbeeh
It is not permissible a person to do anything which denotes Tashbeeh and Tamtheel.

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