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Glad tidings for the men who frequent the Masjid

Returning to disobedience after Hajj

Is death due to smoking considered suicide?

During illustrious days of Islaam Arabic was dominant language

Requesting others to make Du’aa for you could be blameworthy

Supplicating within prayer in other than Arabic language

How could a Muslim celebrate Christmas and New Year?

What do Muslims believe about Jesus the son of Mary?

Is it permissible to bring flowers to the sick?

Is it possible for Jinns and humans to be intimate together?

Tamtheel and Tashbeeh

Can two friends sleep in same bed together?

Spanking children for other than prayer

Ibn Umar taking from his beard

Repentance from life of drugs, what to do with money?

Persisting in sins committed before Islaam still pardonable?

Is Du’aa made before intercourse if wife already pregnant?

Woman serving her husband

Cutting prayer to move away from one who smells

No value in sight of people, but value with Allaah

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