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The intention to fast Ramadhaan

Whoever has been blessed in something, let him stick to it

Obligation of performing Hajj as soon as one is able

Using Zamzam water to perform ablution

Fasting ‘Aashuraa

Not displaying grief or happiness on Day of ’Aashoora


False eyelashes

How should a woman dress in front of other women?

If a woman did not have a husband from this world with her in paradise

Leaving a mosque that is close by to pray in another mosque

Multiple piercings in one ear

The story of the spider’s web and the dove

Takbeer (saying ‘Allaahu Akbar’) in the ‘Eed Prayer

Wisdom in taking different path when returning from ‘Eed Prayer

Which Paradise was our father Aadam in?

Who will be the husbands of the women of Paradise?

Women wearing tight clothes

What to memorise

Women growing long nails

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