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Enmity, hatred, conflict, hostility, contention and fanaticism for falsehood

Prepare to meet Allaah by examining yourself

Spending wealth while alive and in good health

The fruits of ‘Eemaan in Qadr

Person behind Imaam should not make recitation heard

Praying in area where people do Tawaaf when crowded

Not swearing by Allaah frequently

Finding answers in the Qur’aan

Layman’s belief and sincerity better than many students of knowledge

Finish Ramadhaan by turning to Allaah in repentance

Hating the sin and not the person

Advice concerning youth confronting and renouncing each other

Making up missed fasts of Ramadhaan before fasting Shawwaal

People are excessive extremists, excessively neglectful or balanced

Conditions for one’s du’aa to be answered

The heart

Don’t sully your scrolls after Hajj!

Celebrating the return of the pilgrims from Hajj

Constructing a model of the Ka’bah to teach children

Singling out Friday if it coincides with day of ‘Arafat

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