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A busy heart

And live with them in kindness

Attaining two rewards for trying to accomplish what you are aiming for

Be patient along with that hope for a reward from Allaah

Benefits of ‘Eemaan in Qadr

Concentrate firstly on the heart

Conforming to the Sunnah is better than an abundance of actions


The dislike of praising someone in their presence

Duped customers

Everyone participating in politics

Everything which leads to hatred and enmity is prohibited

The evil found in Allaah's creation

Fasting is for Me and I will reward the fasting person for it

Getting married with the intention of divorce

Giving precedence to others in things obligatory

He has been buried in his final resting place

Holding the Mus_haf during the Taraaweeh Prayer

How does a father teach his children Tawheed?

If you’re not with us you’re against us

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