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Supplicating for people of falsehood instead of against them
We should supplicate that Allaah brings the people of falsehood back to the Truth.

Reason for seeking forgiveness upon leaving toilet
The person has only been prevented from remembering Allaah due to an order from Allaah.

When you ask Allaah you are a winner in every situation
Supplicate to Allaah a great deal, and seek forgiveness and turn in repentance to Him a great deal.

Conditions for one’s du’aa to be answered
One of the conditions for one’s du’aa to be answered is that when a person supplicates he should feel as though he is in the most dire need of Allaah.

Du’aa directly after the prayer is not legislated
Do not ask about raising the hands after the prayer. Ask about Du’aa after the prayer. Is it legislated or not?

Requesting others to make Du’aa for you could be blameworthy
A person requesting from someone who has the appearance of righteousness to make Du’aa for him in his absence, is this a weakness in reliance upon Allaah?

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