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A busy heart
‘When the heart becomes busy with falsehood...’

Attaining two rewards for trying to accomplish what you are aiming for
‘Ahead of you there are days of patience, when patience will be like grasping live coals...’

Be patient along with that hope for a reward from Allaah
Be patient and along with that hope for a reward from Allaah for your patience during your calamity.

Concentrate firstly on the heart
It is fitting that a person always asks Allaah to purify his heart.

When a person is content with what Allaah has given him, he will remain rich.

The dislike of praising someone in their presence
The dislike of praising someone in their presence because you fear that he will be corrupted by arrogance.

Duped customers
It’s not allowed for a person who sees someone being duped at a shop to stay silent.

Giving precedence to others in things obligatory
Giving precedence to others over yourself in those things which are obligatory is not allowed.

Inanimate objects have feelings
Every inanimate object has an intellect which it understands and follows a command.

The jaahil who speaks without knowledge
The greatest calamity is from an ignorant person who has compound ignorance.

The more one obeys the more he is guided
Sins are a cause for deviation and obedience and submission are a cause for guidance.

Reasons behind legislated orders and prohibitions
We know that Allaah is Wise and that He did not legislate anything except based upon wisdom.

Sins are cause of turning away from the Religion
If you have turned away from something from Allaah’s Religion know that the cause of that turning away is sins.

Striving against the Devil
Striving [JIhaad] against the Devil consists of two steps.

Orphans, the poor and your heart
Know that being kind to the weak, the orphans and the young places mercy in the hearts.

Asking Allaah for steadfastness upon faith
'I advise myself and you to always ask Allaah for steadfastness upon faith.'

Visiting the sick
Visiting a sick person is a fulfilment of the rights a Muslim has over his brother.

This life
It is fitting that we do not incline towards this life and find reassurance in it.

Advice concerning friends
Don’t incline towards them until you know the truthfulness of their advice and affection.

Visiting the sick – 2
It is fitting that someone who visits an ill person reminds him of repentance.

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