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A person always scrutinising himself
It befits a person to always inspect himself as to whether he is upright or not.

The greater type of punishment
Many people think that being punished for one’s sins is only in those things that are external...

How your Islaam can either stay or vanish completely
The blessing of believing in the Islaamic religion is like any other blessing.

Whoever has been blessed in something, let him stick to it
An amazing statement which if weighed against gold would outweigh it.

Steadfastness and not relying on yourself
Always recourse back to Allaah (تعالى) and ask Him for steadfastness.

Solution to depression and sadness
Suffering from depression? Feeling down? Sad all the time? Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen (رَحِمَهُ اللهُ) explains the solution.

Person given contentment
When a person is given contentment he will remain rich, at ease, not looking at others.

Prepare to meet Allaah by examining yourself
Examine yourself and know what state you are in.

Spending wealth while alive and in good health
Spending wealth while alive and in good health is better when it is spent on a good deed that is continual.

Layman’s belief and sincerity better than many students of knowledge
It is not possible for a person to remain on a single uniform routine, but he must try to guard his heart’s uprightness.

The heart
The heart is a vessel, when it is filled with something no space for anything else remains in it.

The History of Masjid Al Aqsa and Palestine
It is the Masjid in the holy blessed land, the residence of the father of the Prophets Ibraaheem Al Khaleel.

Want to have a good death? Live a good life!
The only thing which is important is in what condition the person will die.

Palestine does not belong to Jews or Arabs it belongs to Muslims
We will never remove the Jews by the call of Pan-Arabism, we will only remove them with the name of Islaam.

Definition of fisq
Fisq according to the Legislation is to perform a major sin or to persist upon a lesser sin.

Types of fisq
Fisq is of two types, major and lesser.

When will the end of the world be?
The knowledge of the Hour is from that which Allaah the Mighty and Majestic, has kept with Himself.

Causes of a decrease in ‘Eemaan
The decrease in ‘Eemaan is of two types.

A reduction in the implementation of the testimony that Muhammad rasool ullaah
A person can fall short in two ways with regards to implementation of testimony that Muhammad rasool ullaah.

How long was the Virgin Maryam pregnant?
Concerning the virgin Maryam, when she became pregnant was her pregnancy like the normal pregnancy, nine months, or how long was it?

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