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Division of the Udheeyah
A third to eat from, a third to give in charity and a third given as a gift.

Calling the common person “Shaykh”
Is it correct to apply the term ‘Shaykh’ to everyone from amongst the people?

Liberalism, Secularism, and Globalisation
If the country does not rule by the religion of Islaam then it is lost.

Is death due to smoking considered suicide?
Is he who dies as a result of smoking considered to have committed suicide?

During illustrious days of Islaam Arabic was dominant language
When Islaam was strong, the Arabic language became prevalent and the people rushed to learn it.

Repentance from life of drugs, what to do with money?
He repented from a life of drugs, what to do with the money?

Persisting in sins committed before Islaam still pardonable?
If the disbeliever embraces al-Islaam and does well in his Islaam then he will be pardoned for all of that which has preceded.

Advice to those who are always on the internet
It is known that the internet contains good and it contains evil.

Do inanimate objects have feelings?
Do not be amazed that inanimate objects have desire, as we have the example of mount Uhud.

Best deeds on behalf of the deceased
I had a brother who died. Is it permissible for us to sacrifice the Udheeyah on his behalf, or to perform Hajj to the sacred house on his behalf?

You must utilise wealth like you utilise the bathroom
The person must utilise wealth just as he utilises a donkey for riding, and just as he utilises the bathroom to defecate.

Offering congratulations at beginning of Hijree year
What is the ruling on congratulating people on the occasion of the Hijree New Year?

Drumming on a table
What is the ruling on drumming on a table or other than it?

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