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Hajj & Umrah

Obligation of performing Hajj as soon as one is able
The principle regarding an imperative order is that it be carried out immediately.

Praying in area where people do Tawaaf when crowded
It is possible for the person who is praying to do so in an area far from the place of tawaaf.

Don’t sully your scrolls after Hajj!
Returning to sins after performing the obligatory Hajj is a major setback.

Celebrating the return of the pilgrims from Hajj
When pilgrims return from Hajj the towns people have a celebration and sacrifice an animal.

Constructing a model of the Ka’bah to teach children
What kind of speech is this?! This is absolutely not befitting to do.

Is there virtue in day of ‘Arafat falling on Friday?
Has anything come from the Prophet (صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ) regarding the virtue of Hajj being on Friday?

Stoning the Jamaraat is not stoning the Shaytaan!
The person says ‘Allaahu Akbar’ with every stone thrown. He does not say, ‘I seek refuge with Allaah from the accused Shaytaan.

Returning to disobedience after Hajj
Returning to disobedience after the performance of the obligatory Hajj is a great loss.

Saved money but died before making Hajj
Ruling on person who saved money to go for Hajj, but died before he was able to do so.

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