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Holding the Mus_haf during the Taraaweeh Prayer
Holding the Mus_haf for this aim is opposing the Sunnah.

Imaam praying Taraaweeh in Masjid al-Haraam
It is not possible that an obligatory action can be left in order to perform a Sunnah one.

Performing optional Prayers at home
A person performs the optional prayers in his house so that his house does not become a grave which is not prayed in.

Pray two rak’ahs during adhaan or wait?
A person performs the optional prayers in his house so that his house does not become a grave which is not prayed in.

Saying Ameen in the Qunoot
The Sunnah is to read the Qunoot aloud even if it is in the silent prayers.

Obligation upon everyone on praying the Eed prayer
All Muslims must attend the Eed prayer.

Prayer behind Imaam performing supplication upon completing the Qur’aan
Leaving the prayer is something which should not be done due to the discord created between the hearts.

Leaving a mosque that is close by to pray in another mosque
Some people in the Month of Ramadhaan leave the mosque that is close to them to pray in another mosque because their hearts are more attentive there.

Takbeer (saying ‘Allaahu Akbar’) in the ‘Eed Prayer
What is the ruling of the extra takbeers (saying ‘Allaahu Akbar’) in the ‘Eed prayer?

Person behind Imaam should not make recitation heard
It is not proper that the person praying behind an Imaam should make any of his recitation heard.

Janaazah for the one who commits suicide
Is it permissible to pray over the one who commits suicide, and is it permissible to shroud him?

Du’aa directly after the prayer is not legislated
Do not ask about raising the hands after the prayer. Ask about Du’aa after the prayer. Is it legislated or not?

Following Imaam via live video or radio broadcast
Is it permissible for a person to follow the Imaam by way of the television or by way of the radio?

Picking up items from the floor while praying
A person praying drops a handkerchief while standing so he bends down and grabs it, is the prayer invalidated by this movement?

Prolonging the last prostration to make Du’aa
Prolonging the final prostration is not from the Sunnah.

Umm al-Qura prayer schedule is incorrect
The time for Fajr is from the rising of the second Fajr, which is the whiteness of the horizon until the rising of the sun.

Supplicating within prayer in other than Arabic language
What is the ruling of supplication within the prayer in a language other than Arabic?

Cutting prayer to move away from one who smells
Everyone who has a foul odour, it is not permissible for him to come to the Masjid.

Latecomer to prayer acting as Imaam for another latecomer
He who is making up that which he has missed from the prayer, is it permissible that he lead another person?

Finishing recitation before the Imaam
During the silent prayer, if the person finishes reciting the Al-Faatiha and a Soorah after it, and the Imaam has not yet bowed for Rukoo, should the person remain silent?

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