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Holding the Mus_haf during the Taraaweeh Prayer
Holding the Mus_haf for this aim is opposing the Sunnah.

The necessity of learning the Qur’aan
It is necessary for a person to learn the meanings of the Qur’aan just like he learns the wording of the Qur’aan.

Understand it
It is not possible for anyone to ponder over the Qur’aan except by knowing its meaning.

You want greatness, honour, glory?
Whoever wants greatness then it is upon him to learn what is in the Qur’aan.

Always inspect and investigate your heart
The Noble Qur’aan is a cure for doubts and desires.

Finding answers in the Qur’aan
''When I ponder over it, I find the ruling in the Qur’aan.”

Writing verses of Qur’aan on walls of masjid
What is the ruling on writing verses and Hadeeths on the walls of the Masaajid?

Prohibition of hanging verses from the Qur’aan
It is not permissible to hang something on your chest from the verses of the Qur’aan in an effort to be cured.

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