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Why is it called Lailatul-Qadr?
Lailatul-Qadr is given that name for two reasons.

Not wasting Ramadhan on different types of food and being excessive
The resolute man is the one who is not excessive in his food or drink.

Not to burden people by prolonging witr supplication
Advice to the Imaams not to burden the people by prolonging the witr supplication.

The Imaam’s intonation during recitation
Some mosque Imaams try to soften the people’s hearts and affect them by sometimes changing the tone/inflection of their voice.

The last ten nights of Ramadhan
The last ten nights of Ramadhan are the best part of Ramadhan.

Start of I’tikaaf
The last ten nights of Ramadhan are the best part of Ramadhan.

Seeking knowledge during I’tikaaf
I’tikaaf is for specific forms of worship like prayer, dhikr, reciting the Qur’aan and things like that.

Specifying the 27th night to perform Umrah
A mistake that many people in the present time fall into when they seek out the twenty-seventh night.

Prayer behind Imaam performing supplication upon completing the Qur’aan
Leaving the prayer is something which should not be done due to the discord created between the hearts.

Making up missed Ramadhans
Worship is scheduled to be performed at certain times.

The intention to fast Ramadhaan
An intention to fast Ramadhaan is not required except on the first night.

Finish Ramadhaan by turning to Allaah in repentance
Finish Ramadhaan by turning to Allaah (تعالى) in repentance from having sinned against Him.

Making up missed fasts of Ramadhaan before fasting Shawwaal
The Sunnah is that a person fasts the six days of Shawwaal after completing the outstanding fasts of Ramadhaan.

Is there special virtue for dying in Ramadhaan?
The one who dies during Ramadhaan or on the day of Friday or its night, does this have virtue over other days?

Using prayer calendars during Ramadhaan
During the month of Ramadhaan there is a difference of opinion between the Imaams of the Masjids concerning the beginning of the time for Fajr...

Saying Ramadhaan Kareem
What is the ruling concerning the phrase Ramadhaan Kareem?

I’tikaaf of the Prophet (صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ)
It is not correct to perform I’tikaaf except while fasting.

Sports and exercise during night in Ramadhaan
During the nights of Ramadhaan, some of the youth play sports or do exercise. What is your advice?

Reason why Ramadhaan changes every year in relation to Gregorian calendar
As for the Western calendar, there is no tangible, rational or religious basis for it.

Combining missed Ramadhaan fast with fast of ‘Aashoora’ or ‘A’rafah
Can I observe a Sunnah fast with the intention of making up days that I owe from Ramadhaan?

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