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Intercourse during the day in Ramadhaan but not ejaculating  
The one who does one of the actions that break the fast, when he is unaware of that, is not to be blamed.

Account for person who dies in Ramadhaan
Does the one who dies in Ramadhaan enter Paradise without being brought to account?

Forgotten number of missed days of Ramadhaan
If a person is not sure about how many days he has to make up, then he should go with the lower number.

Fasting person masturbating
Ruling on fasting person masturbating.

Do not anticipate Ramadhaan by fasting one or two days before it begins
It is haraam to fast on a day of doubt.

Muslim who for many years did not fast Ramadhaan
What is the ruling on the Muslim who for many years did not fast Ramadhaan?

Not made up fasts owed from two years ago
A woman did not fast because of nifaas and could not make up fasts because of breastfeeding, before next Ramadhaan. What does she have to do?

Making up missed fasts
It is not permissible for a person to delay making up Ramadhaan until the next Ramadhaan comes except for a legitimate excuse.

Differing with regard to when Ramadhaan begins
Is there only one moon sighting for the whole world or does it vary according to when the moon rises in different places?

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