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Women & Family

And live with them in kindness
The relationship between a man and his wife is a special relationship, which must be built upon love & compassion.

Getting married with the intention of divorce
Getting married with the intention of divorce is Haraam because it is cheating the wife and her family.

How does a father teach his children Tawheed?
He teaches them Tawheed just like he teaches them other matters of the Deen.

Performing optional Prayers at home
A person performs the optional prayers in his house so that his house does not become a grave which is not prayed in.

Ruling of woman winding hair at top of her head
As for gathering her hair and raising it up for the purpose of beautification then it enters under the prohibition.

Women whose periods finish at the end of the night and fasting
Women whose periods finish at the end of the night should fast even if they take a ghusl after the emergence of Fajr.

Do I have to tell my first wife I’m getting married again?
I want to get married to a second wife, is it permissible for me to marry again secretly without telling my first?

Can child with extra finger have it amputated?
If a child is born with six fingers on each hand it is permissible to amputate the extra finger.

False eyelashes
What is the ruling on using false eyelashes for the purpose of beautification for one’s husband?

How should a woman dress in front of other women?
What is permissible for a woman to expose from her body, and what is the ruling of a woman looking at another woman’s awrah?

If a woman did not have a husband from this world with her in paradise
If a woman was from the inhabitants of Paradise, and she had not been married in this world, or if she had been married but her husband did not enter Paradise, what will there be for her?

Multiple piercings in one ear
What is the ruling on having one’s ears pierced with more than one piercing?

Women wearing tight clothes
What is the ruling on a woman wearing tight clothes amongst other women and amongst her relatives that are forbidden for her to marry (her mahrams)?

Women growing long nails
The Prophet (صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ) set a time limit for the trimming of the nails.

Whenever you fulfil the needs of your brother, Allaah will fulfil your needs
Increase in performing good deeds, increase in acts of beneficence.

Marrying second wife to compete with others
Is it better to practice polygamy or monogamy?

Better for sisters to pray taraaweeh at home or in masjid?
Many of the women pray Taraaweeh along with the men in the Masjid. Is this better for her or is it better within the home?

Masturbation and its effect upon worship
The secret habit, which is masturbation; i.e., attempting to cause the ejaculation of semen by way of any means; with the hand, by grinding on the mattress, by any means, this is prohibited.

The honeymoon should be continuous
Have the honeymoon in your room, in your home and make the honeymoon forever not one month.

Who has more right to be spent upon, wife or mother?
Spending upon the wife is obligatory in every circumstance.

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