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Women & Family

Who has more right to be spent upon, wife or mother?
Spending upon the wife is obligatory in every circumstance.

Wearing engagement rings
There is no doubt that avoiding this is more befitting, in order that we do not resemble other than the Muslims.

Will the spouses reunite in Paradise?
When the spouses enter paradise will they meet again?

Advice to husbands who threaten wives with divorce when angry
Let not the believing man despise the believing woman, if he hates a characteristic from her will be pleased with another of her characteristics.

Wedding pictures
O Muslims, O you who have jealousy, reflect upon this affair which your scholars have prohibited you from.

Satellite dishes in homes
Whoever dies while he has left behind in his house a satellite dish, then he has died while betraying his responsibility.

Shaving the beard
Be different from the Majoos; be different from the polytheists. Let the beards grow fully.

Can two friends sleep in same bed together?
Is it permissible for adults over twenty to lie under the same cover and in one bed?

Spanking children for other than prayer
Is it permissible to spank the child for other than the prayer, such as for discipline? And at what age can he be spanked?

Is Du’aa made before intercourse if wife already pregnant?
If a man is intimate with his wife while she is pregnant, should he make this Du’aa, or should he not make it because the child is already developing?

Woman serving her husband
Is the wife required to serve her husband as it relates to cooking and washing clothes?

Favouring some children over others
The reward for obedience and fine treatment is with Allaah.

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