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Performing wudoo properly during times when it is difficult
What is the meaning of the hadeeth about performing wudoo properly during times when it is difficult to do so?

Two different types of wudoo
All of us perform wudoo when we want to pray.  But most of the time a person does so just wanting to fulfil a condition of worship...

Wrong understandings regarding some of the rulings of wudoo
Some rulings connected to wudoo.

Is presence of dust a condition for tayammum?
Does the performance of tayammum with the earth require that there be dust?

Using Zamzam water to perform ablution
It is not permissible to turn to tayammum as long as there is water present.

How should the woman wipe her head for Wudoo?
Is the wiping of the head for the woman similar to the man?

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